Foundation class hierarchy charts

I was reading the Apple document “Cocoa Fundamentals Guide” and ran across some nice class hierarchy charts for Foundation classes that I thought I’d share.    They are located in the section of the document called “What Is Cocoa?“.

These diagrams logically group the classes of the Foundation framework in categories.   Classes in blue-shaded areas are present in both the OS X and iOS versions of Foundation; classes in gray-shaded areas are present only in the OS X version.

Click on an image for the full size representation.

objc_foundation_A objc_foundation2_A objc_foundation3_A

One response to “Foundation class hierarchy charts

  1. Note that as of May, 1, 2013, Apple hasn’t updated all of these for iOS 6. Even the one on your next page, even though the graphic is listed below the list of classes that is current.


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