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The development of Contacts2Web


contacts2web_512Part of the online course that I took from Stanford on iPhone app development involved choosing a final project. My top-level criteria for choosing a project included:

  • Incorporate several different iOS technologies.
  • Make use of an external web service and API.
  • Interaction with an external web site.

What I eventually settled on was a concept for allowing a user to view and edit their iPhone Address Book contacts both within an app as well as in a full web browser.

This functionality is already available as a service now at My plan was to start with this capability and over time begin to add new functionality (social sharing, etc).

The Contacts2Web app is now available in the App Store.  In this document, I will cover some of the details that went into developing the app.

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Rails page specific JavaScript and CSS

In a Rails project that I was working on, I wanted to come up with a way to separate the JavaScript and CSS code  to be page specific.    I could do this in JavaScript with some namespace techniques such as discussed in the article Javascript Namespace Declaration   CSS appears to pose more of a problem and I was not able to find a good namespace solution other than to use prefixes.

Using Helper Methods

I finally stumbled upon a nice technique using helper methods as described in the selected answer to the post Rails 3.1 asset pipeline: how to load controller-specific scripts?

The following addresses the problem with JavaScript  – I’ll show how this can be extended to CSS later.

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