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Horizontal label positioning in Core Plot and other miscellaneous topics

I was looking for a graphing solution for iOS when I ran across a great project called Core Plot.   According to the overview it is described as a  2D plotting framework for Mac OS X and iOS. It is highly customizable and capable of drawing many types of plots.


The project is well organized and includes some nice iOS API documentation.  I started by looking for a tutorial and found a comprehensive one on Ray Wenderlich’s site.  Steve Baranski wrote a detailed article in 2 parts on using Core Plot titled “How To Draw Graphs with Core Plot” – Part 1 and Part 2.

I decided to create an iPad demo project which I call “Algorithms” and release it to GitHub.

My first use of Core Plot was to simulate the rolling of 2 dice, graphing the number of times that the roll counts 2-12 come up.


Horizontal Label positioning

For the X axis, I needed labels with the text “2” through “12”.

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