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Clipboard Manager for coding – PTHPasteboard Pro

I was new to the Mac up until about 5 months ago.  One of the first tools I realized that I wanted was a good clipboard manager.  Why?  I make extensive use of notes (Evernote), code comments and README files to paste examples of code, links to references, etc.  I often found myself switching back and forth between windows with copy/paste, copy/paste, etc.   What I really wanted was to maximize my efficiency with copy, copy, copy … followed by paste, paste, paste …

I ran across a good article at Macworld that helped me identify some top contenders quickly:  Essential Mac utilities: clipboard managers | Macworld.

From the list of clipboard managers, I tried CopyPaste Pro and PTHPasteboard Pro.  I eventually stuck with the latter.  It fit better into my workflow, had some advanced paste features, and allowed me to exclude some tools from copying (such as 1Password) so that I wasn’t putting sensitive information like passwords onto my clipboard.

Screen Shot 2012-12-11 at 12.55.58 PM

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